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Swan Meilhan

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Dec 25, 2023
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What's your age? (Preferred, but optional)

Do you have Discord? If so, what's your username?
Yes, my username is neeryu.

Punishment History
None across MazeRP, all RolePlay Hub, or any Minecraft server.

UTC+1 or UTC+2 depending on the season.
Please note that I will be on Korean Standard Time (KST, UTC+9) from mid-August to the end of December 2024.

Describe your activity

I usually play about 3-4 hours per day during the week, 5-6 hours per day for weekends.
As I am currently in college, my timetable is pretty permissive, but I still have days when I am less free. Thursdays, to be specific.
I am always reachable on discord and reply within the hour during the day, so last-minute help is also possible even if I’m not online.
As long as I am notified in advance, I can work my schedule around to fit specific events.
(Regarding my semester in South Korea, I will have about 15 hours of classes maximum per week with a bit of additional work, so it will be further permissive).

What's your motivation for applying?

As much as I'm able to lead an event by myself (as I already did multiple times in the past), I have a strong preference for working in a team as receiving feedback matters a lot to me. I will go into detail regarding my background in the next section, but my motivation lies in four main factors.

First of all, I absolutely love roleplaying, no matter the form it may take. On social media, Minecraft, IRL, Tabletop, Live-Action, Sandbox, or even in games where it wasn’t the main purpose. That’s a passion that I like having by myself, but that I love sharing with others. I came to be in touch with various RP local communities around me, but I also wish to share it online where I can be in touch with a lot of different people.

Secondly, I specifically enjoy creating small event plots. I’ll be honest, as much as all my tabletop campaigns are homebrews, most have been written around multiple events that I tried to fit in together under a main plot. My phone currently holds many such small events waiting to be put under the umbrella of a full scenario to be played in. I would love to be able to use them for MazeRP, but also to begin experimenting with the creation of such events for a larger amount of players.

Third point, this will also be detailed below, but I love interacting with players while acting as an NPC, providing them with immersive answers/reactions rather than “Would you accept the quest?” or “Oh no, someone’s dying, help them”. I feel like my job is best done when players don’t even suspect me being an NPC hinting them at an event.

Last but not least, I came to enjoy MazeRP a lot. And when I enjoy things, I want to take part in them. It has been the case every time in my life: when I like doing something, I take the initiative to be a concrete part of it. I liked tabletop roleplaying, and I became a game master soon after. I enjoyed being in my school’s roleplaying association and became part of their executive staff (through members elections) for the year. And as I became kind of obsessed over RPH (more specifically MRP) as I discovered it, I now also want to be a part of it.

What can you bring to the team?

First and foremost, I am currently pursuing my studies for a major in creative industries management, as working in entertainment is something appealing to me on a professional level. For example, I am currently working on a convention project (as a co-lead) for my campus but not limited to, as well as the creation of a large-scale Escape Game across two campuses, with our Student Union.

As my timezone is different than most of the playerbase, I can bring diversity regarding the timing of the events. For instance, I can easily manage events until late at night (for American timezones) without being tired as it would be the late morning for me.

I can also bring my strong personal experience regarding roleplay, as I have been roleplaying more and more, since I was 12 years old. Here is a short summary of my roleplay experiences:

Middle and high school: online roleplay 100% P2L.

As a player first then as a game master (setting the universe, lore, OOC and IC rules, writing NPCs, locations, plots, and interacting with my players through NPCs & the story itself).

Basically, if one player had written “[IGN] walks into the room” in the chat, I would answer with a detailed description of what the room looked like, the NPCs in it, and whether any event had occurred due to their action (for example, the floor collapsing as they walk in).

As such, I am used to reacting to players’ initiatives based on what I prepared but also based on the unexpected actions they (often) take.

The P2L aspect required to trust the players for their fair-play but also being able to meet their expectations in terms of realism. Neither them nor I are gods (unless the story setting said otherwise!). Ironically, I began my long roleplaying journey on… Minecraft (creative servers).

College: tabletop roleplaying and LARP (Live-Action RolePlaying)

In the tabletop format, I was a player for my first year but quickly became a game master for the 2 following ones. I usually favor immersive universes such as Call of Cthulhu, which rely more on roleplay interactions, puzzle (creation and) solving, as well as ambiance setting rather than stats optimization and fights (such as in Dungeons and Dragons for example). My motto is to reward creative/innovative players who went the extra-mile to be RP/realistic/fair.

Onto the most interesting part I believe: Live Action RolePlaying.
If you are not familiar with that, picture a RP scenario over a whole weekend with ~100-150 adults in costumes including PCs, NPCs, and Game Masters. You are physically your character. Be it while eating or sleeping, you never stop being them.

I have particularly enjoyed playing as NPCs which are “half-players, half-GMs”. From the vegetables seller spreading strange rumors (hinting to the plot) to the lost dwarf falling into madness while calling for the end of the world on the next day, I absolutely love acting as short-term characters whose sole purpose is to spark interest, curiosity and much more, among players.

In short, I can bring multiple personal ideas as well as anticipations of how the players may react to a specific situation based on my experience, but also pure passion for NPC acting. I got pretty good over the years at sensing what kind of roleplay interaction players are searching for while speaking with me, and it is always a pleasure to fit their expectations.


Create three unique events. Explain what it is, how you'd go about organizing it, and what resources you would require to execute it.

I have many ideas in mind (Bonfire Celebration, A Killer in the Glade, Echoing Whispers: The Lost Relics, Rift to a Ruined Maze, Solar Eclipse…), but will stick to a detailed explanation of only three of them, as requested.

#1 – Easter Search & Rescue: Rabbit Panic!

“As spring comes forth, everyone in the Glade looks up to celebrating Easter and having a nice time.
At the Bloodhouse, the Slicers have prepared an enclosure full of healthy rabbits to eat right before the celebration.
But, what a disaster! During the night, the rabbits have nibbled at the fences and managed to escape!
They ask you to gather as many rabbits as possible to save Easter’s feast: the Gladers who will manage to get the most of them will definitely get a reward…
Ready? Set? Catch!”


In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, Gladers receive the mission to catch as many rabbits as possible. Slicers provide large supplies of tools [provided by the event] in order to catch the naughty rabbits running around. For each rabbit captured, Gladers can earn 1 point.

At the end of the event, a feast is held with rabbit stew made by the Cooks, leaping drinks made by the Med-Jacks, and chocolate cookies for dessert!

Resources provided by the event are the weapons/tools specific to rabbit catching, ingredients for the cooks to make rabbit stew, and same for the med-jacks to make leaping drinks. Small stand booths are built for the occasion, withholding said resources. These items are specific to the event.

Timing (during the event)

As the Easter Celebration is known ICly, an announcement is made on MRP server beforehand. As the event begins, a message in the chat (or an NPC Slicer) calls out for the disaster and asks for Gladers’ help, while displaying the rules of the game.

The catching part lasts for 1 OOC hour, which is 3 IC days. This must be considered for IC messages to be displayed, as the disaster should occur 3 IC days before IC Easter.

The feast lasts for 2-3 OOC hours, depending on the popularity of the event. Adjustments can easily be made if necessary.

Message samples

For the beginning of the event and re-displayed regularly for oncoming players
“Rabbits have escaped and are scattered in the Glade! Get a weapon at the Slicers' stand booth and catch as many as possible: who will catch the most may win a prize…”

End of the catching part
“Thanks to your help, all rabbits have been caught! Please gather at the bonfire to know who is the winner!”

Frequency (of the event)

As it is an Easter-themed event, it should be held once a year, around OOC Easter.


Inside the Glade of course (or… rabbit trial when??). The stand booths would be located around bonfire for the feast to be held near it as well, but also for visibility purposes.

Players targeted and required staff

This event aims for the players staying mostly inside the Glade, even though the event is accessible to anyone. It rewards knowledge about hidden places of the Glade, as rabbits may hide in there. It also enables players who are not familiar with the Glade, to explore further.

Builders would be required to make the feast stand booths as well as a scene for the contest. Event staff members are needed to make rabbits spawn manually in hidden places and eventually lead on contest announcement.


Provides a relaxed atmosphere, accessible to every player no matter their level, and celebrate Easter in game. Also enables the discovery of the Glade as well as sharing secrets within, pushing players to explore it further.


Wouldn’t the amount of rabbits on the server induce some lag?
I have not set yet the specific amount of rabbits to catch due to this reason. The event should be made in a way that is not harmful for the server, as crashing would reduce players’ experiences.
The event can be worked around the limit of rabbit possible. For example, switching to a “less rabbits but specific colors earn more point” system.

What if a rabbit goes inside the Maze?
Boss fight: Rabbit VS Griever. Poor griever.


What? Easter-themed event where Gladers must catch as many rabbits as possible to get first place in the contest. Celebrating feast with rabbit stew, leaping drinks, and chocolate snacks around stand booths.

When? Once a year, around OOC Easter.

Where? Inside the Glade.

Who? Every player, emphasis on the ones staying inside the Glade. Builders and event staff members.

Why? Provides a fun experience with a small contest and special rewards, a convivial feast to socialize. Makes players discover what is inside the Glade.

#2 – Beacon Defense

“At the core of the Glade, a strange portal has opened.
Inside its realm, upon a pedestal of shining gold, a beacon of light pierces clouds and sky.
The Beacon holds in rare treasure, and precious resources for the Gladers. But do they deserve it?
The Beacon shall put you to the test. You have only one chance.”


A portal has opened inside the Glade, leading to a large room with a beacon at its center. Players must prepare themselves to defend the Beacon against hordes of incoming enemies aiming to destroy it.

The longer the Beacon is defended, the greater the rewards. Gladers must organize themselves to prepare the longest defense possible against multiple waves of enemies seeking to destroy the Beacon. Each player only gets one chance at passing through the portal. Which means that if they die inside its realm, they won’t be able to come back in anymore.

When the multiples waves of enemies will have managed to kill every player inside, a score will be set based on how long the Beacon has last for. A proportional reward will be distributed to every player who took part in the event.


The event should start when most players are ready. As such, a margin of ~30 minutes between the opening of the portal and the beginning of the waves should be set up to let players take knowledge of what the arena looks like, as well as getting enough stuff to prepare for the fight.

Waves can be sent at regular intervals, but I would rather have new waves being sent in after the previous one is dealt with. This includes a cooldown moment to let players have fun in re-organizing themselves, treat wounds, elaborate further strategies, etc. A cooldown of ~5 minutes seems to be the best option as it is long enough to get treated, healed, or buffed again, but short enough to keep the thrill up!

Message samples

Beginning of the event
“A Portal has opened inside the Glade. Will you be up to the challenge?”

When interacting with the Beacon
“This is the Beacon. You must protect it from enemies. The longer the Beacon will stand, the greater the rewards for all participants!”
“Waves are arriving in [Timer]”

Wave countdown
“Incoming wave in 5 minutes”
“Incoming wave in 1 minute”
“Incoming wave in 30 seconds”
“10… Helmets on?”
“9… Potions in?”

“1… Weapons drawn?”
“Enemies incoming!”


This can easily be made as a regular event but should not be launched too often, as treasure loot from it will eventually lose value. The maximum frequency would be once per OOC month, and I would rather have it occurring every 2 OOC months to keep a feeling of scarcity for the bounty.


The Portal would be located inside the Glade, putting it on top of Alby’s tree would look fun but it may not be the best option for accessibility. It would however reduce the number of players passing through on accident. Explanations regarding the event could be sent in chat while climbing the ladders.

The event itself would take place in a newly built arena with the Beacon at its center. The arena could be one large empty room, but it could change from event to event for more customized or themed arenas, adding obstacles and hiding spots. This would push players to act on strategies after looking at the display of the arena.

It's harder to set up and a bit more complicated, but the arena dispaly could also change between waves, helping players in identifying how far they have got in the waves.

Players targeted and required staff

The event is mostly aimed at players enjoying the fighting experience, and the PvE more specifically. Aside from that, it is open to anyone in terms of accessibility, and non-participants could spectate the event from outside.
This event would need builders for the arena and its variations. Event staff members could be optionally asked to spread rumors ICly about the event, and the fact that the longer they stand, the greater the rewards.


The purpose here is to provide a large battling experience accessible to all players, akin to what raids may feel like. The major weaknesses of raids are that players are not always on full gear and may come in too late when the raid has already died out. As such, they are not not able to take part in the fight nor in having any loot.
Raids can also be fairly easy as players can lure mobs near homestead and hide inside to strike from unreachable spots. The Beacon Defense event provides a complete defense scenario, preventing any abuse from the terrain, since the arena will be built in a way that there are no safe spots unless players protect a specific place as a group.
It will allow every player to take part in the fight by being ready since the beginning, while keeping the thrill of having “only one chance” as they can’t go back in once they die.


Wouldn’t it be too taxing on resources such as armors or weapons for players?
In few weeks only, most players have gotten advanced armor & weapons. In a way, it would actually be a way to balance the resources as they get the opportunity to use their gear. However, the event could be also made in a way that dying inside the arena has the gamerule of keeping inventory set to true, making players not loot anything when they die. They will hence be able to bring the rest of their stuff back to the Glade. Consumables such as potions, serums, etc., would still be gone after consumption, as usual.

Isn’t it kind of the same as trials?
The point is to provide an experience accessible to every player, at the same time. Trails are mostly made in small groups rather than on large scales.

Wouldn’t players harm each other?
/togglepvp would need to be disabled inside the arena to facilitate the fight.
If harder levels are reached, the command could be turned back on for the advanced waves! Players should however be warned before (or not, if we want to surprise them).

Wouldn’t players get bored of the event after dying?
It would be nice giving the opportunity to non-participating players to spectate the event: in a stadium for example, or from above! It would also make some really nice pcitures to take.


What? The longer players defend the Beacon, the greater the rewards. They can’t go back in after dying.

When? About once every two OOC months.

Where? Through a portal in the Glade, to a fighting arena.

Who? Accessible to all players for a complete full-out defensive fight. Aimed at players who enjoy PvE.

Why? Provides a universal epic battle experience requiring to cooperate as a group to get the best rewards.

#3 – Blood Moon

“As the last rays of the sun stretch over the looming walls of the Maze, the air feels suddenly… cold. Every Glader can feel it in their bones: this night, will be no ordinary night.
Suddenly, the ground starts rumbling as if shaken by an unknown force. The Maze is moving, and way more than usual. Apprehension spreads within the Glade, something is not right.
Midnight strikes, the Moon rising above the walls is tainted of red.
New pathways are now open. This, is the Blood Moon.”


The day before the Blood Moon, players note strange events. From agitated animals to withering plants, cold gusts of air through caves and bandages becoming blood-stained by themselves, or the Maze calmer than usual, they come to anticipate what is happening: the following night will be a Blood Moon.

They hence have the entire IC day to prepare for the night, if they wish to go on an expedition before the Door closes. As midnight strikes, every player gets nausea and blindness effects for few seconds, re-opening their eyes to a blood moon up in the sky.

Peculiar paths are now accessible in the inner Maze, mostly going inside walls or underground, and are leading to rare loot. These new openings are characterized by a red lining circling their entrance. Visible, yet far from accessible. Gladers will need to climb, wall leap, swim, or complete parkours to access them.

But parkour can be tried again and again... The real threats are the ghosts of the Banished, slaughtered inside the Maze: out for revenge, and out for blood. Very persistent, the only way to escape from them is to flee or hide. They don’t necessarily run fast nor will try to actively search an area, but the second they manage to get in reach of their prey, it’s over.


All hours are ICly.
Players need to have enough time to get prepared for the night. As such, local foreboding messages (mostly related to jobs) occur from 8am to 6:30pm, when the Door closes.
A global foreboding message is sent at 3pm.
At 10pm, a second foreboding message is sent, addressed to the players who went inside the Maze for the night.
At last, as midnight strikes, the message regarding the beginning of the Blood Moon is globally sent.
Pathways close and the Blood Moon ends at the re-opening of the Doors, 7:30 am.

Message samples

For anyone underground (Brick-Nicks and Dust-Boys mostly)
“A gust of cold air rushes around you”

For anyone near crops (Track-Hoes mostly)
“The crops seem to be withering, as if they fear that something is going to happen”

For anyone near animals (Slicers mostly)
“The cattle seems to be more agitated than usual”

For anyone near fire (Cooks mostly)
“The flames became suddenly intense and brighter”

For anyone near bandages (Med-Jacks mostly)
“The bandages laying around suddenly got soaked in blood”

For anyone in the Maze (Baggers and Runners mostly)
“The Maze seems calm, too calm”

3pm foreboding
“Sunlight seems to be already fading…”

10pm foreboding
“You began doubting your choices of staying the night”
AND/OR (if messages can’t be sent to players in the Maze only)
“The Moon seems… strange, tonight.”

“You start feeling nauseous”
"The Blood Moon rises once again."


As this event aims to feel exceptional, its manifestation should be scarce enough for players to look up to it. It also needs to be regular OOCly as it adds up to the strange atmosphere for such a peculiar event to be periodic.

I aim to provide this event every OOC month, with a sudden increase in frequency for the month of October, going for once every OOC week.


This aims to make players focus more on the inner parts of the Maze, giving it another interest rather than just being a step before outer Maze and the trials. It will also make the event more accessible to players who are not familiar enough with the Maze's structure.

Players targeted and required staff

This event targets players who enjoy exploring the Maze and who may feel like they are already familiar with the inner Maze, shedding a new light (literally) on it. It also targets players in search of an immersive event with a thrilling touch. Lastly, it also targets players who are reluctant to go in the Maze as they are not familiar enough to get to outer parts, and feel like inner loots are not worth the risk.

It requires builders to add the new pathways and caves in, as well as about 2 event staff members to act as ghosts.


Highlights the inner Maze parts and offers an event accessible to multiple kinds of players (loot farmers, explorers, thrill seekers, and new Gladers).


What happens if a player gets locked up inside a pathway?
This player has to either /surrender as they are now stuck inside, or we can build pathways as they offer a one-way exit (jumping down into water/cobwebs, one-way metal door…)

How to introduce this event as a first-time?
As players won’t know what the foreboding signs mean, we could use a few event staff members to spread rumors ICly about going into the Maze during those strange nights for special loot. Rumors tend to spread fast, especially that kind of rumor. Additionally, items could be dispatched in chests to tease the players about that beforehand (papers, etc.). NPC (true NPCs) dialogues are also an option.

Won’t players get frustrated at how powerful ghosts are?
For them to understand that fighting is not the best solution, NPCs playing as ghosts should first make few appearances and warnings around the players to mention the fact that fleeing/hiding is more efficient than fighting. The writing and expression of these messages is up to the NPC’s will.

Isn't 7m30s for an event length a bit too short?
It is indeed short. To work around that problkematic, we can either exceptionnally slow down IC time during Blood Moons (giving a more oppressive feeling to it), or make it go for 2 or 3 nights in a row. Pathways should still close at dawn.


What? During blood moons, new pathways are open for the night in the inner Maze, leading to greater rewards. However, ghosts are roaming around. Mysterious, exceptional, strange, and dangerous atmosphere.

When? Once every OOC month, once every OOC week in October.

Where? Inner Maze.

Who? Playerbase: loot farmers, explorers, thrill seekers, new Gladers. Staff: builders and 2 event staff members.

Why? Highlights Inner Maze, accessible to multiple kinds of players.

Additional notes

I would be more than happy to detail any ideas, topics or experiences that I shared here, so feel free to send me a message on discord (neeryu) if you wish to know more about it (whether you're reviewing this application or simply passing by)! I’m also open to any questions.
Thank you for taking the time to read my application!​
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Jul 17, 2023
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