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Aug 3, 2023
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Banned once a few years back due to getting leaked to.

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My activity on the Maze Runner Roplay server has been very low for past couple months due to school and not having enough time to play and enjoy the server. As school has been giving me a breeze, I have finally been able to get on the server again and start playing again like I use to back in 2021 to 2023. Hence, since school is not a problem anymore, I can be active almost every single day but mostly active on the weekends as I won't have anything to do!

What's your motivation for applying?
My motivation for applying today would have to be from the server itself and hosting in real life events! In the past when the server was only its own branch and still called Cake craft, the staff team has created such amazing events such as Avengers Infinity war, Endgame, and really fansnasting events involving maze runner itself! Ever since those events it has become a passion for myself to create such an event as those said as I love to plan and hosts events, such as an event I'm hosting non-virtually which will involve over 500 plus people!

What can you bring to the team?
Like mentioned above, I am very good at hosting and planning in real life events that deal with lots of people. Hence, I would like to bring my real-life skills into the maze runner server. To further my point, I think that I can help create event itinerary that will help all event team staff be organized and keep track of stuff they would have to do for whatever event they would be focusing on. To continue, I also am very good at decision making choices as I can adopt systems such as risk assessment and swot analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) into the thinking process of what events would be beneficial to the server and what events would not be beneficial. Lastly, I am also very good at handling pressure and being a leader and hosting events as I have been a leader of many events and understand and know the pressure of being a leader and the amount of work that would have to be put into the event to make it the best event in existence!

Create three unique events. Explain what it is, how you'd go about organizing it, and what resources you would require to execute it.

Event #1: The Festival

The festival would be an event that is based off a group of survivors that have been traveling through the maze and came upon the glade! In this event players would be able to interact with these new group of survivors as there would shops setup by the survivors that would sell drinks and cool cosmetics for the Gladers to be able to have and have a jolly good time. Hence, the main attraction would be that the survivor leader would be needing help finding supplies needed to finish their special performance at the end of their stay so players can go run into the maze and collect items and work as a team to complete the mission of helping the leader in getting what he needs to finish his night performance for all the Gladers. Hence, at the end of the event the survivors would pack up their gear and head off into the maze as they told the Gladers at the campfire that they are searching for the escape out of the maze...

Event #2: The Memories
In this event the Gladers are all very tired from partying all night in the glade and decide it's time to hit the hay. Hence, in the event the players will go inside of their players dreams and experience what life was like before they were all sentenced to the maze with no memory at all. The event would be based off the lore of how the flare started and dive into the lore of how the Gladers entered the maze. To continue, players will travel through different periods of time before the flare to keep players engaged in finding out the lore of certain parts not shown in the event and players would have to do certain tasks to continue progressing through their memories. Lastly, at the end of the event players would wake up from their dream and carry on their expedition on escaping the maze and living the life they once had...

Event #3: The Lost Banished City....

In this event two runners were coming back with important news to tell all the Gladers... These two Gladers have found a lost book saying that WCKD has had to evacuate the city due to the flare virus spreading and the book contained clues of where this lost city could be found. Hence, the Gladers and runners gear up and head in the maze to find all the clues and riddles leading to his lost city. Once found the Gladers will find out that they are not the only ones in the city and that they city is filled with banished. To continue, the Gladers will have to kill all the banish and make their way into the city and as they do they find a secrete WCKD lab that has information and lore on the mysterious section 7...​


Jul 17, 2023
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Your application has been accepted. Welcome to our event team.