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Dec 24, 2023
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General Info

Legal Name: Matteo Rodriguez
W.C.K.D Name: 'Quinn'
Nickname: 'Quinny'
Gender: Male
Race: Latino / Asian
Age: Around 19 years old


Weight: 170 lbs / 77.1 kg
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Tan
Distinguishing marks: Three distinct bite marks from battles alongside smaller scars here and there.
Eyes: Amber / Hazelnut
Clothing: He'd wear black cargo pants that weren't too baggy but fit his height well. He'd have a plain white T-shirt and an army green jacket with a white wooled hood. He wore a few twinned bracelets on each of his wrists and wore black boots.


He's usually relaxed, but if you pick the wrong fight with him, he gets heated quickly.
Moral/ethical beliefs: "Survival of the Fittest," "Live life to the fullest," and "Protect those you love."
Religious beliefs: He doesn't believe in a God particularly.
Political stance: Not relevant.

Hobbies: He loves learning new things from his friends or taking laps around the Glade, finding new things... though, what else can be new?
Habits: He salutes anyone and everyone when he enters or leaves a conversation.
Quirks/eccentricities: He is a bit of a clutz and gets injured easily.

Likes: He enjoyed time with his friends and loved ones, his job, bandages (he's always gettin' hurt!), baked potatoes, cookies, and flowers.
Dislikes: - He doesn't like wet food, unknown substances, pollen, getting spooked from behind.
Fears: Losing a loved one.
Strengths: Witty, being able to put a smile on your face.
Weaknesses: He easily gets injured and is an easier target. He also doesn't like being called "weak."

Short-term goals: Learn to not be an easy target.
Long-term goals: To become a great Bagger be reliable to his community and live a long fulfilled life.
Hopes and desires: To find someone who will stay by his side and make sure his friends and loved ones are safe.

Occupation: Bagger
Skills: Fighting, wall climbing, running, crafting, picking berries and flowers

- Had a crush on ???????
- Currently, has a crush on ???????
- [UNKNOWN TO HIM] Is the biological sibling of 'Kuroz' the Bagger

-Was jealous of ???????
- HATED Aloisia the Cook before entering the maze


- weapon of some sort (sword, spear, dagger)
- shield
- armour
- baked potatoes
- banishment stick

- crossbow / bow
- arrows
- serum
- healing potions of any kind
- berries
- twine rope
- a hair tie

Events and History

- Passed away due to an incident with a Banished Cook, his body not being able to take another injury

- Stung for the FIFTH TIME by a Griever with Aloisia
- Due to his FIFTH STING, he had thrown hits at Aloisia, insulting her too
- Stung for the FOURTH TIME by a Griever AND Infected Banished
- Due to his FOURTH STING, he had cut Kuroz, traumatizing the boy
- Brain chemistry rewiring. . he's more formal now? (Formal than before)
- Stung for the THIRD TIME by a Greiver
- Stray banished battle by the Southern Gate (Two different floods)
- Locked away at the North Gate for two days with Johnathan
- Stung for the SECOND TIME by a Griever
- Stung for the FIRST TIME by a Griever
- Stuck in the maze for longer than a week
- Nearly got squished and stung by a Griever during the Griever Raid

- Sweet moment with Valorie
- First Date with ???????
- Best Friend Day with Aloisia the Cook
- Patched up by Valorie the Med-Jack
- Deemed 'Kuroz' the Bagger his 'brother'
- Made friends with an old man named 'Oleg'
- Taught a few people around how the maze works
- Switched occupations from Dust-Boy to Bagger
- Went into the maze for the first time

History and background details
'Quinn ----' was born on ----- to --- and ---. He was a bright young man, excelling in lots of creative means. He'd also build a reputation for the martial arts, as minimal as it was. He -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

One day, he was asked and brought to --------------------------------------------- to do ------------------------------------------------------------------.

Next, he knew, he stood with his best friend, Aloisia in the middle of the Glade. Mentally, he was preparing himself to live in the Glade and simply survive. Although his start with Alo wasn't the brightest, soon he cracked her down and got her to smile at his wits. The now 19-year-old began labour as a Dust-Boy, mining up a majority of coal for the Cooks and Brick-Nicks to supply their needs. He'd do what he needed to here and there... but eventually, it got boring and the boy sought to do something different, something new! He'd get the chance to switch and become a Bagger. With his new profession in hand, he'd slowly learn the ways of the Baggers, one by one, dealing with people and being of assistance as he needed to be. The male would find comfort and ease in this job, preferring the hustle it took to maintain order in the Glade rather than the boring ol' mines. However one of his weaknesses would show as he discovered what a clutz he was! The male was constantly getting injured, with arrows in his legs. Cuts all over his arms, and more. The male became "accident prone," but still did his best to protect and serve the Glade however it needed, watching the open gates at a time to ensure that no stray banished would get inside the Glade and ruin the peace and order.

Due to his accidents. . . his body couldn't sustain anymore. With the amount of Griever bites. . the injuries from Banished Strays, and to top it all off with a final blow form a Banished Cook. . . the male couldn't survive. His memory lives within his loved ones, his body burried by the lake, under a couple of flowers. May his soul rest gently. .
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