Beginner Guide || Brick-Nicks


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Jan 11, 2024
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What is a Brick-Nick?
“Brick-Nicks are the only job with the ability to craft, they can also enchant, and repair the slammer as it wears down. Their primary job is to assist Gladers by upgrading their gear and making new armour and weapons for them. They work closely with the Dustboys for ore and coal.” - Gally
What can I do as Brick-Nick?
As Gally already explained above, we craft, enchant and repair. We are one of the base jobs in the Glade, meaning we’re rather important.
How do I know when someone needs my service?
There’s multiple ways for this! Either someone approaches you and asks/orders, or maybe they /f msg you. However the most common way is to be asked in /ooc for quick orders! See the example below:

I have no orders, is there anything I can do?
Yes! You could craft Grindstones, Books, or Bottles, as they’re always needed. You can also ask in our discord if anyone has an order for you that you could do, or simply ask in the OOC Chat if anyone needs you.
We have no materials, how do I change this?
You can go to the Dust-Mines to ask for ores and cobble, or if we’re missing wood, go to the Track-Farm and ask for logs. We work relatively close with both Dust-Boys (Dusties) and Trackhoes (Trackies).



[Always Needed]
Iron, Gold, Copper, Cobble, Coal
Bottles, Sticks, Repair

[Often Needed]
String, Leather, Feather, Wood
Armour, Supplies, Rods

[Delivery Items]
Repair, Pickaxes, Arrows, Armour


[Always Needed]
Lapis, Books

[Often Needed]
Sugarcane, Paper

[Main Locations]
Homestead - Main Building, Meeting Point - Nearby: PVP Pit, Kitchen
Where?: Between East Gate and South Gate - Coordinates: X 1068, Y 163, Z 1774
Market - Trading (Supplies & Monster Coins), Meeting Point - Nearby: Bagger Treehouse, Dust-Mines
Where?: Between West Gate and North Gate - Coordinates: X 918, Y 177, Z 1625
[Important for Brick-Nicks]
Brick-Cave - Where we do everything, Storage - Nearby: Track-Farm, ‘Graveyard
Where?: Next to South Gate, behind Track-Farm - Coordinates: X 925, Y 168, Z 1834
Dust-Mines - Ore and Stone Supply, Pickaxe Deliveries - Nearby: Market
Where?: Between Market and North Gate - Coordinates: X 917, Y 170, Z 1510
Track-Farm - Wood Supply, Scythe/Woodaxe Deliveries - Nearby: Bloodhouse, Brick-Cave
Where?: Next to West Gate and Bloodhouse - Coordinates: X 901, Y 162, Z 1754
Kitchen - Food. - Nearby: Homestead
Where?: Next to Homestead - Coordinates: X 1034, Y 162, Z 1754