Lore Team application - Kellical


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Feb 5, 2024
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In-Game User
What's your age? (Preferred, but optional)

Do you have Discord? If so, what's your username?
Yes, I do have discord. My discord is kellical

Punishment History
I have no previous punishment on MRP

I am in the CST timezone

Link any past or current applications
I have no previous applications for the lore team and I have no running applications for anything else at the moment

Describe your activity
I've been quite active lately. I get on whenever I have the opportunity to.

What's your motivation for applying?
My motivation for applying for the lore team is pretty simple, I love writing lore, stories, and pretty much anything I can put a story to. Another thing is that I would love to help do something for a game that I enjoy quite a lot, especially helping with something I enjoy doing personally.

What can you bring to the team?
Some things I could bring to the team are ideas, good vibes, and I can help produce well-written lore.

Two prompts will be provided below, fill them out with your best writing abilities! Make sure it aligns with MazeRP’s existing lore as much as possible.

Prompt #1 (200+ words): Write a story about a character arriving at the Glade for the first time through the box. The prompt can be written from any perspective.

Prompt #2 (200+ words): Create a story about the conflict between the Gladers and the Banished. The prompt can be written from any perspective.