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    im the first one losers
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    Display Chest Med-Jacks Roster

    Roster has been refreshed [Med-Jack] Katie Salani 12/22/2023
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    Display Chest Med-Jacks Roster

    Swiftness 20%Swiftness IIHealing IIMedicated Bandage (3x)Haste ExtendedJump Boost IINight VisionRegeneration IIHealth Boost Extended Swiftness 20% Swiftness II Healing II Medicated Bandage (3x) Haste Extended Jump Boost IINight Vision Regeneration II Health Boost Extended Swiftness 20%...
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    Suggestion | Add Medical Records

    (+1 means u want it added, -1 is u dont want it added, you may provide a reason if you want to)
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    Suggestion | Add Medical Records

    IGN: ItsMelody What's being requested? Medical Records that can only be edited by med-jacks and server staff. This could be done through a Google document or Google Excel. How would this work? Med-jacks would post any patient's personal information in the format I listed below. How would this...
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    Suggestion | Add IC Motive